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Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Cale Johnston Founder and CEO of ClickSWITCH, is responsible for global business strategy with focus on innovation, growth, investor and customer relations.


Cale is an entrepreneur who believes banking should be easy, for this reason he founded ClickSWITCH in 2014 and has been leading the charge since, spearheading impressive growth, projecting to serve over 400 financial institutions in 2018. He has a strong reputation as a visionary who takes pride in his company and is focused on providing exceptional customer service.  ClickSWITCH was honored by BAI and American Banker under Cale’s guidance as a 2016 Company to Watch for the revolutionary automated switch solution and its impressive adoption by financial institutions. 


Cale’s extensive experience in financial services technology enables ClickSWITCH to be a superior provider of financial services. Highly respected in the industry, Cale has experience serving financial institutions large and small, domestic and global. Prior to forming ClickSWITCH, Cale was Vice President of Sales for Cachet Financial Solutions, Inc. In this position, he was responsible for the sales and marketing of their Mobile Check Capture solution. It was in this role, Cale recognized the need for easy-to-implement, consumer friendly financial services and set out with intent to create an outstanding solution.

The Fastest, Safest Way

to Switch New and

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