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To Grow Deposits, Build on the Onboarding Experience

"Today's busy consumers don't focus on their banking any more than they have to. When you can get them sitting down across from you, that's the time to build up the relationship."


How ClickSWITCH Simplifies Banking, Account Management 

“Last year, we saw on the market that 18 million consumers switched their banking account, and this year I would assume it will go up because of the increase of non-traditional players and digital banks that are approaching the market."


The Scary Tricks of Recurring Payment Changes Are No Treat

The process of switching financial institutions tends to be scary for members. If a credit union wants to be a member’s primary financial institution, which most if not all do, updates to the recurring payment process should be easy. Here are some things to consider about recurring payments to avoid spooking your members.


I'm Cale Johnston, The Founder & CEO of ClickSWITCH, And This Is How I Work

Minneapolis-headquartered ClickSWITCH was formed in 2014 as a B2B technology for financial institutions to provide their account holders with an easy way to switch direct deposits and automatic payments.


Here Are Minn Inno's 2018 Coolest Companies

As Minne Inno sourced nominations for our inaugural Coolest Companies Fest, we discovered that a company is cool as long as its employees love showing up to work every day. And in the Twin Cities’ tech and startup scene, there’s no shortage of really cool companies.


Four Startups Changing the Face of Payments Industry

"While many FinTech companies are trying to find ways to eliminate the need for banks and traditional payment processors, ClickSWITCH is working to improve them instead."


The Power of the Switch:

Are You Turning Off New Account Holders?

If you’re not obsessing over your switching process, you are overlooking one of the most powerful tools financial institutions can use to improve the success of their acquisition strategy.

ClickSWITCH: Friend or Foe

Transferring accounts has long been considered a cumbersome process. Now with a simple click, the company ClickSWITCH has created an easy system that will allow its users the ability to transfer their accounts from one bank to another.

These Startups Bridge the Digital Divide

The migration to online and mobile has created a conundrum for banks. They have worked hard to sell the convenience of digital channels to the point that they now find themselves in reactive mode — they are waiting for customers to need something.

The Fastest, Safest Way

to Switch New and

FLEX partners with ClickSWITCH to deliver a digital account switch solution

Minnesota FinTech Company ClickSWITCH Raises $3.5M in Series A Financing

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