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ClickSWITCH Client Retreat & Product Steering Committee Recap

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended our first ClickSWITCH Client Retreat and Product Steering Committee at our company headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota on March 19-20th, 2018. For our first client retreat, we selected a handful of clients to attend. The event was a huge success! It was a great way to meet some of our clients in person and put a face to a name with clients that we speak with regularly. We hope this event is a start to an annual tradition.

As our first Client Retreat and Product Steering Committee event, we were amazed by the level of commitment shown by our clients and their enthusiasm for what is coming in our development pipeline. The retreat provided an opportunity to share information about our product roadmap and anticipated developments. We received valuable feedback about best practices, desired product changes and recommendations from some of our most successful customers. We also used this as an opportunity benchmark success and use the information for future ClickSWITCH training opportunities.

Our Minneapolis staff, sales, marketing and account management team were very involved in the client retreat. It started off on Monday evening as guests were arriving with a dinner and drinks at Manny’s Steakhouse. Tuesday was scheduled with a full day of activities. The morning kicked off with CEO & Founder Cale Johnston welcoming our guests and providing comments about the exciting direction that ClickSWITCH is heading. Next our CTO, Chris Nelson discussed our product roadmap, developments and improvements ClickSWITCH will be making throughout 2018. The afternoon concluded with our Director of Account Management, Tracy Downs leading an interactive feedback and peer discussion that allowed us to get valuable feedback about the product. The session also provided time for financial institution executives to compare the ways they are having success using ClickSWITCH and share advice for new financial institutions on-boarding ClickSWITCH for the first time.

Here are some key takeaways that you can use today to make your financial institution more successful with ClickSWITCH!

Executive Buy-In

Ensuring that your executive team is supportive of your ClickSWITCH implementation is key to success. Success with ClickSWITCH involves your IT, Marketing and Training departments.


Select a member of your staff to lead ClickSWITCH and select a few employees at the branch level to be ClickSWITCH experts that staff can turn to when they have questions.


Before implementing ClickSWITCH, do an analysis or the number of checking accounts you are currently opening and the number of active checking accounts your institution has to use as a benchmark for ClickSWITCH performance in the future. Once you’ve implemented ClickSWITCH, regularly measure these metrics.

Get the Direct Deposit

The in-branch experience is most successful when your frontline staff get your account holder setup with ClickSWITCH and assist them with one direct deposit before sending them home to finish the process themselves.

Enrollment (ENR)

Allows you to submit switches from the social security administration and 13 other government agencies. Really increasing the efficiency of switching government payments.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Allows financial institution administrators, users or clients to automatically login to ClicKSWITCH using their own identity provider. SSO is highly recommended to skip the extra steps in the sign-up process, making switching even faster.

Research Integration Options

ClickSWITCH has a variety of integration partners that make the switching process even more efficient than the stand-alone process. Reach out to your account manager or to for more information about integrating with your: - Banking Core - Online Banking platform - Online Account Opening platform

Mandatory Enrollment/Soft Sell

Encourage staff to use ClickSWITCH by making it mandatory. Add ClickSWITCH into your new account opening process and tie ClickSWITCH use into your employee incentive/bonus plan. These steps will ensure success, use by staff, and inhibit having to “babysit” this service to ensure its usage.

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