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ClickSWITCH Experienced Growth of 108% in 2017, More Than Doubling Revenue

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. (January 5, 2018) ClickSWITCH, a turnkey solution that simplifies the switch of recurring payments and deposits for financial institutions’ new and existing account holders, announced its third year of consecutive revenue growth since the company’s inception in 2014. In 2017, ClickSWITCH more than doubled its revenue, increased switch numbers by 125% and boosted its current client count to over 325. ClickSWITCH now has financial institution clients in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.

This year ClickSWITCH made multiple key hires to support their increasing momentum. These include a new Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Director of Account Management, Software Architect and Product Manager. In order to accommodate employee growth, ClickSWITCH headquarters were relocated to a larger space in December, increasing office space in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the operations office in Baxter, Minnesota to nearly 13,000 square feet.

Other noted achievements in 2017 include three patents US 9,842,367, US 9,842,321 and US 9,842,322, entitled “Centralized Financial Account Migration System” issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office protecting the now proprietary technology. ClickSWITCH also expanded the company’s integration partners, which now include member/customer Single Sign On (SSO), Institutions SSO, MeridianLink, and Symitar.

“The amount of growth that ClickSWITCH has achieved is incredible and I couldn’t be more confident in what the future holds for us,” said Cale Johnston, Founder and CEO of ClickSWITCH. “This past year we’ve focused on improving product functionality and scalability to keep pace with expected growth. I am confident that our decisions in 2017 have poised ClickSWITCH for explosive growth in 2018.”

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