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ClickSWITCH Named a Fintech Forward Company to Watch

October 5, 2016

American Banker and BAI recognize ClickSWITCH for its revolutionary automated switch solution and impressive adoption by financial institutions

ClickSWITCH, a turnkey solution that simplifies the switch of recurring payments and deposits for financial institutions’ new and existing account holders, announced today that it has been honored as one of the 2016 FinTech Forward Companies to Watch by BAI and American Banker at BAI Beacon in Chicago.

“We are honored to be part of this prestigious list and to be recognized for our continued innovation within fintech. I am incredibly proud of our ClickSWITCH team and what we have achieved so far, this award is a testament to our dedication and hard work,” stated ClickSWITCH’s Chief Executive Office, Cale Johnston.

American Banker and BAI selected ClickSWITCH after reviewing specific examples of the remarkable benefits provided to financial institutions.

  • Reduce inactive accounts and obtain additional primary account holders

  • Improve switch process efficiency

  • Increase customer growth, retention and increase cross selling opportunities

  • Increase revenue stream from deposits and primary account holders

  • Deepen relationship with account holders with fast and easy on-boarding

The Fintech Forward award honors high-impact start-ups and other recent market entrants bringing new approaches to FinTech and is selected by an advisory board comprised of industry experts from BAI, and other financial service leaders. The board represents companies with convincing new offerings and solid business models. A full list of FinTech Forward ranked companies can be accessed at

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